Avatar Catwalk

Imagine presenting your fashion creations worn by Supermodels in a swanky Paris or New York fashion show – just like the prestige Brands - real garments on real models in a real fashion show

The RTF Virtual Avatar Catwalk allows you to engineer the perfect fashion show with customised choreography presenting your virtual product capsule on your virtual models in a curated fashion show environment with embellished imagery, theatre and visual and sounds effects - and whilst with all this virtuality being true to life presentations 

The RTF Virtual Avatar Catwalk significantly saves you costs such as :- samples / models / hair & make up / accessories or props / location décor preparation / photography or videography / stylists / front & back of house management / catering / transportation costs

And the RTF Virtual Catwalk Cycle can be modified and replicated many times over for all online and electronic purposes including Website, Social & Digital Media, Business Development and sales initiatives - with minimal additional costs 

All RTF virtual product representations allow real time fashion and are of a quality and technical nature to be Metaverse ready and able to be turned into a Non Fungible Token (NFT) immediately and are Metaverse ready.