Consumers want to see and understand how a virtual fashion product looks, fits and moves on the body – they want to trust and be comfortable that real product delivered from virtual product presentation and purchase will meet expectations and provide satisfaction

The RTF Virtual Avatar Walk Cycle is photo-realistic rendered product imagery on a hyper-real animated Avatar that walks towards and then away showing product front and side views and product drape and flow on a moving body

The RTF Virtual Avatar Walk Cycle provides a true to life product look, fit and drape aesthetic that encourages trust and maximises product delivered Customer satisfaction – especially when coupled with integrated RTF remote body scan sizing technology that minimises Customer fit risk - and together help minimise Customer returns

The Virtual Avatar Walk Cycle can present 3 to 5 product colour or fabric texture options as the garment morphs through the walk cycle

All RTF virtual product representations allow real time fashion that can be designed and are of a quality and technical nature to be Metaverse ready and able to be turned into a Non Fungible Token (NFT) immediately and are Metaverse ready