RTF – Product Development Services 

Creative Realisation

RTF helps you to convert your fashion inspirations at every stage of the product development process and workflows and through to product commercialisation. We communicate, collaborate and provide ALL expertise and support resources necessary to insure the best product outcome at the lowest cost. Our platform interacts with you and provides both ‘HELP’ automations and / or Consultant support to answer questions plus guide you to effective outcomes from utilising our Services.

2D CAD & Product Specifications

RTF can prepare 2D CAD and product specifications documentation that follows and develops (with all necessary and pertinent information) as your styles move through the product development workflows. Such documents form the basis of information that is ultimately required to insure your final product is realised the way you want it to look, feel, and function

2D Pattern Making

RTF pattern makers craft ‘base patterns’ from which your products are eventually made including the procurement of :- 

Sample 3D patterns for representation on virtual collateral (including photo realistic product presentations an on hyper-real avatar models)production order fulfillment

Avatar Selection

RTF will either :

Customise an Avatar/s to your selected gender and ideal brand body shape & sizingorpresent a variety of Avatar shapes for your selection.

This Avatar will be used in further product development and virtual product presentation processes

3D Pattern Making & Avatar Pattern Draping

RTF utilise your final 2D patterns to virtually stitch together and create 3D patterns that can be draped on your pre-selected Avatar/s. This process allows you, at an early stage in the product development workflow, to review your product in a real time rendered presentation and to finalise fit aesthetic and garment / fabric flow and functionality. Once approved your finalised 3D patterns form the basis of your virtual product representations plus allow your 2D patterns to be altered for order production purposes including adapting patterns to fit Customer body scan measurements

3D Custom Fitting

RTF platform integrates the world’s best and most accurate body scan technology. RTF offers the use of body scanning to allow the RTF supply chain to customise product based on an individual Customer’s body measurements and provide a ‘fit confidence’ (that is usually not achievable from ‘off the rack’ purchases) thus avoiding the need for post-sale product alterations plus minimises returns resulting from ill-fitting product sizing selections.

Product Component Sourcing

RTF ‘Sourcing Teams’ have access to the world’s best and most comprehensive product components supply including fabrics, trimmings, accessories, embellishments, product enhancement processes, labelling and packaging. We almost always find what you are looking for whilst insuring quality and value for money components. We source both locally and offshore to insure your product is properly accessorised and presented providing a optimal Customer experience and satisfaction on receipt of purchase.

Product Procurement & Supply Chain

RTF has a robust and diverse supply chain that allow us to supply value for money product production and procurement from factories specialising in a multitude of product categories. Our factories can produce :

Customised small minimum order quantities (MOQs) orlarge production runs

RTF arranges production quotations, can supply all samples including salesman samples (if required) and pre-production samples (incorporating styling modifications) and insures production quality. 

RTF can arrange warehousing, pick n pack and invoicing services.

Freight & Logistics

RTF can also arrange ALL international and domestic shipping processes – end to end being from factory to warehouse or direct to Customer.