Virtual Closet

Create an online virtual wardrobe presenting virtual fashion capsules that are targeted and personalised to selected customer tastes and preferences and enabling customer shopping integrations and product purchases

The RTF Virtual Wardrobe is photo-realistic rendered virtual product imagery placed in a virtual wardrobe and on virtual hangers

The RTF Virtual Wardrobe allows customers to ‘bypass’ or ‘select’ preferred virtual wardrobe products – functioning just like a real wardrobe. If the product is selected then a front facing Product Page appears with product details including other virtual presentation assets such as the Virtual Walk Cycle or Virtual 360º Cycle product representations and details needed by the customer to make the purchase

The Virtual Wardrobe can be used for B2B and B2C product presentations of real time fashion capsules and allows Customers to interact with, and purchase from, your virtual products

All RTF virtual product representations allow real time fashion and are of a quality and technical nature to be Metaverse ready and able to be turned into a Non Fungible Token (NFT) immediately.